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SEO Backlink Strategy in 2017: How to get high quality backlinks

We still believe that backlinks are more important for SEO but we should not forget that getting high-quality backlinks are literally difficult and you must have to produce a very good content to get a link. Currently, news and authority websites are doing better and getting most of the links, and if you have any other website in a different niche like Education, travel or e-commerce then it is almost impossible to get a natural backlink until you are producing something extraordinary.

In a simple word, you will not get a better rank if you are not collecting backlink frequently. Today we will tell you few tips to get high-quality backlinks to your website and also reveal some secret SEO backlink strategy to rank better in the search engine.

Create a News section on your site

First, most important thing you can do to create a separate news section, so you may write about the current affair, current happening and latest news related to your site niche. Like you are running a coupon website, then you should write about e-commerce trends, deals and latest offers. Moreover, provide the latest content related to E-commerce companies news, merger, funding and seasonal deals. If you grab the content on time and publish it on your website, then there is a chance that other people will link your content. Also, you may apply for Google news and attract more visitors to your site.

Write about the controversial topics

How to attract more visitors to your site and faster way to get tons of backlinks. I would say simply write about hot, trending and controversial topic so other site owners should recommend your content to read. There is a chance to get listed on top authority news site and portals. Henceforth receive a good amount of traffic and few backlinks to your page.

Do not try to collect unnatural backlink

Initially, it may help you to rank better after producing few backlinks to your page, but Google Robots are getting smarter day by day and throw you out of town if many links are created manually. It is not at all recommended link-building strategy someone should consider in 2017. In the last Google update (8 March 2017), we analyzed more than 50 portals and reached the conclusion that it is not going to benefit us for a long run. However, guest posting still exists in the SEO world but never provide an exact anchor text and should have only a single backlink pointing your site page.

Page linking strategy

What if I get a backlink from the site like Huffington post, etc. In my personal opinion, these links are not worthy as Google knows it very well that these are paid backlink, and tons of resources are available on the Internet to buy links from these websites. You must have a question, then why Google is not penalizing these bigger sites for offering paid links, it is very simple that they are high authority sites and Google does not want to penalize them based on few available information. Moreover, they are media houses and have a great impact on common man’s life, therefore don’t want to make an evil impression.

But your site must be under scanner if your site got maximum number of links from these authority sites and do not have few valid natural backlinks from other sites (not offering paid guest posting)

Does a high DA/PA expired domain play a key role

If we talk about 2017 SEO strategy then “no”. It does not play a significant role, but if you create an identical website like before then there will be a slight chance to regain the authority, but still unclear that how Google algorithms consider an expired domain. In some of the cases, if Google robots miss to analysis the expired domain, then certainly it is like winning a lottery. You will receive link juice and benefits, but in today’s world do not expect a higher authority domain at a cheaper price, it will cost you above $5000 for 40+ DA and PA domain. I would advise you to buy an expired domain which is getting expired in a current year otherwise you will end up dealing with spammy domain released from the spammer, and he bought 3-4 years back for spammy activity. Check the to know that still, it was working till date.

Avoid paid links & Sponsor links

It is always good to get a backlink from Homepage, as it is considered the most authoritative, high valued and top notch. In my opinion, it is almost impossible to get a homepage link unless you own the site or you have paid some amount to list on the page. Many authority sites provide the quality backlink on their homepage if you will donate or become a sponsor. It is a simple strategy of their sites to get more sponsorship, scholarship and donations offering a backlink. I certainly say, these backlinks may be under the scanner in coming weeks and small site owners will be penalized. One more thing is making it more worst that your site is being placed on many other sponsored websites. Somewhere your site is listed with other 100 sites. Therefore small sites receiving a backlink from the portal may become the next target of Google.

In any case, if you would like to receive a backlink from the higher authority site then choose the portal which asks a high donation to get listed. In such a scenario, there will be lesser sites and your site link will be placed along with other authority sites, those are capable to invest big money.

Give equal value to no-follow backlink

It is always recommended to receive at least 40% no-follow backlinks as it helps to boost up your site authority. You should not forget to collect no-follow link randomly but avoid comment posting with your domain name. It is not valued at all and Google gives a lesser grade if you are receiving a backlink from the bottom of the page. Equally, Google does not value a link in profile page and from the thin content.

Tips: Try to receive few high-quality backlinks from Wikipedia (no-follow) but very useful to build up the site reputation.

Add more images in the post

Adding more images in the site post may slow down your site but it is the best weapon to collect high quality backlinks. Any authority site picks your image will give you a backlink. In many cases, you may ask them to add a source if you are a lone owner of the image. Google is the best tool to search your image publishers, later you may ask them to link back to your site. I have observed a site gained higher authority providing 10-20 images in each post. Currently, it is ranked 10K Alexa globally.


As I told you earlier, you cannot do well if you don’t have quality backlinks pointing to your site. Rank your site better in search engine using the simple method “produce unique and quality content to force others to backlink

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