Press Release

What is a Press Release?

Press releases are well-written document details that are used to provide, brief information about any event or any other happening. The piece is generally written by a public relations professional and sent to the media for the proper floatation of the same. It is necessary that a press release must contain all the necessary information about any event or happening. The tone of the write-up must be very professional, highlighting all the important points that occurred in an event. Press releases include the likes of a news story, quotes, and sources.

How To Write A Press Release

Writing a press release is an art, not many masters in. A press release generally starts off with the contact information, including the likes of Name, contact number, e-mail id and other such details. Then there is a topic for the press release, which is followed by four are five most important words in the release. The heading plays a very vital role in a press release, as it is widely acclaimed and accepted that if the heading of the press release is not up to the mark, then the journalist will read no further and the entire press release would be of no use.
After the heading, one moves to a one-liner, that completely describes the event in a single line. A good Press Release must have a very engrossing and interesting which would compel the readers to read ahead. To start off with the complete story, one must not forget to include the location and the date stamp at the beginning of the first paragraph.
Talking about the body of the press release, one has to make sure that the body answers all the doubts and the questions that might arise in the minds of a journalist when the person reads about the event in the news release.A press release generally ends with a short paragraph talking about the company or the organization that issued the press release. The last paragraph also includes a call to action, which is very important as it promotes the event for the company or the organization which issued it.

Some Important points to remember while writing a Press Release

1. A press release must not be more than 300-400 words long and must be catchy.

2. The first two or three lines should make the motto or the concept of the press release very clear to the reader.

3. News Released for the electronic media must be of a conversational tone, while that to be printed in a print media must be very well-checked and must be free from typos and grammatical errors.

4. A great photograph of the event would help make an ordinary press release exceptional, be it for the print media or for the electronic media.

Advantage of Press Release

  • In most of the cases, the cost of the distribution of the press release is a quite inexpensive. The company won’t be going with the paid campaign and advertisement, apart from this, it will be using its own methods to make the press release disclosed.
  • A good press release can assure you spreading a wide range of awareness or a wide group concerned about it. If the press release is worthy, other try to spread it crediting your firm, which itself establish a strong marketing opinion for you and your media firm as it will be effecting your logger programs, social networking, and content marketing.
  • A press release will be a strong point for the SEO benefit for the website.

What are the Steps for a Press release?

  • While releasing the news and information concerning an important subject, the media issued a press release through the following procedure:
  • Ensure a newsworthy story: once the news sent for the press release procedure, the media underexamined that particular news through points which includes examining that whether it is appealing, latest or it does not reveal yet to anyone.
  • Reality: What counts in a news is a reality. You can’t make the information genuine and newsworthy through assumptions otherwise it will be lacking in getting the public attention.
  • Contact the higher officials personally: communicate with the senior ones and let them understand the briefing of the news. If they found it worthy to be delivered the press release could be made easier.

Press releases, like most other things that we can ever think of, has its own benefit and own drawbacks. Although they can be used to promote a company or an organization, a poorly written press release can even harm the reputation of any company, or might at least make the event and the company less popular than it actually would have been.

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