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Domain Registration

To create an online presence, someone should have a name to recognise. Therefore you need a name for your business, blog or institute. In the Internet world, this name is called “Domain”.

To register a domain, visit the authorised site which allows you to register the domain for 1 to 20 years.

What is the Domain name?

It is an identification string that defines the monarchy within the internet. In simple words, it represents Internet protocol resources. Organised in subordinate levels of DNS root domain and it also reflects the purpose of organisation and aspects of the website. The .com is a top-level domain name while the left most part to that is at the second level.

Levels of Domain Name:

Top Level – .net, .com & org are in top level

Second Level – The next level is second levels which are names just left to .com, .net. For instant, if is a website then ‘co’ is a second level here

Domain Registration

From the name itself you can easily come to know that it is a registration of the domain, which identify one or more IP Address with the name that is easy to remember. In other words, it can also be said as the act of retaining a name on the internet for a certain period of time. It is not mandatory that every time you register a new domain name. The information about the website owner is publicly available once you register the domain name.

Nowadays it is difficult to find the right domain for your business. But you may secure ” Your Company Name” here.

Domain name Server – It can be considered as phone book which maintains the directory of the domain name and translates them to IP address. It’s because the name is easier for a human to remember but the internet is all based upon an IP address.

Web Hosting

Creating websites using open sources is in great trend nowadays. There are a great number of tools and framework available such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento etc. which enable to have web development at different levels. But to get the place on search engines, it is necessary that your web data placed on the server and this refer to as Web-Hosting. This is how a basic and important thing for your business growth.

In the year 1991, the internet was not so beyond boundaries and have a restriction. Slowly with the time, correspondingly with the increasing demand of internet, the requirement of server also increase.  As not every company can afford for their own server, hosting service came into existence and many companies make it their profession.

At present developer companies don’t have any burden, they simply need to buy the services as per their need and able to get hosting.

How Web Hosting works 

There are many companies which provide the services. For this, you just simply pay to the desired company and it will give you services. They offer different plans and you have a choice of selecting any of them. As we know that website is a bunch of images, HTML codes, CSS & other multimedia content, all these are put onto a server which serves all visitors who are coming on your website.

Before proceeding to the web hosting there is also a requirement of the domain name and name server.

Types of Web Hosting

In general, there are 5 types of hosting

Shared Hosting – In shared hosting, there is one physical server in which multiple sites are put in one.

VPS Hosting – Stands for Virtual Private Server it is technically both dedicated hosting & shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting – In this hosting unlimited number of machines act as one machine

Dedicated Hosting – It is a type of hosting in which client get entire server privately without sharing with anyone

Reseller Hosting – In this the account holder access space and bandwidth to host the website. There is wholesale purchasing of host service and selling to the customers in terms of profit

Why is Web Hosting Necessary?

Creating a website is a good commence but making your data accessible to the user is the very important approach for your business. With the web hosting only, you are eligible to convenience your web pages and contents to a user.

Companies which provide Web-Hosting:

Web Hosting services are available at various companies worldwide. The cost of this service depends on the companies’ norms and plan you choose. These firms try their best to provide good speed, good support, and cost-effective services.

Some of the companies which provide the hosting services are as follow.

Benefits of web hosting

  • The cost of webmaster is reducing or we can say diminish
  • The multimedia contents can be easily accessed through the use of website hosting.
  • With the web hosting, you can create database
  • You also get a service that gives you an email account with which you can have a great level of customer reliability.

Final Words

Going through the whole overview about the web hosting we would like to recommend it. It is important for your business, what so ever the level is. Choose your hosting company and choose your plan and grow your business.