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When naming your new company, an important thing to consider is whether or not someone else might already be using your name. Many business owners don't realize that while you can reserve your name locally in your state, there might already be fifty other people already using your name in other states around the country. Business names are not reserved in the US at the federal level. What this means for you is that by incorporating your business and locking down your name in your home state, you have not protected the name from being used in the state next to you or even across the US.


Take Acme Taxi LLC, for example. If you have reserved the name ‘Acme Taxi LLC’ in DC, this doesn't keep someone from using that very name in Virginia or Maryland. So if you'd like to have your new company name be ‘Acme Taxi LLC’ in DC, don't you think it is important to know if someone is using the name in Virginia or Maryland as well?

What makes Company Naming Services stand apart is that we will do a free name search for you in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. We will also provide you with name availability options for your business. Our report will also let you know your risk of forming a business name that is already being used in another state.


Let's say ‘Acme Taxi LLC’ was formed in Texas in 1950. You formed ‘Acme Taxi LLC’ in Arkansas in 2010, feeling safe that for sixty years ‘Acme Taxi LLC’ in Texas didn't go national. In 2013, Acme Taxi LLC of Texas starts franchising. They have their name trademarked, and boom… next thing you know, you're going to need to change your name after spending three years developing your good will within the state.
Your business name is all you have—you're only as good as your company's reputation. Changing your company name after spending three years building up your status and clientele could be devastating to your business. It is important to know what is out there for this very reason.

We will help you reserve your company name or even form your company. The act of forming your company actually reserves your name as well. Company Naming Services can provide these powerful naming services by using the resources of Northwest Registered Agent LLC. Company Naming Services has created an efficient partnership with NWRA in order to be able to do business name searches for you. Company Naming Services will either reserve your business name or reserve your business name by means of incorporating your new company for you. As an added benefit of our partnership with NWRA, you will be given a year of registered agent service and a compliance account as part of our business formation package.